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What could be a better idea than getting a Cappadocia flying dress photoshoot? Yes, you read it right. Dream shoots in international flying dress are getting popular, from the great Santorini to the wide landscape of Cappadocia. Planning and reserving the photographer ahead of your tour plan is brilliant.

Mark your checklist for getting the aesthetic flying dress photoshoot in Cappadocia. This blog will guide you about Cappadocia flying dress rental, flying dress ideas, and Cappadocia photoshoot price.

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Cappadocia Dress Photoshoot

Cappadocia, located in central Turkey, is a world heritage site famous for its mystical landscape. It is also referred to as the “land of beautiful horses” and is a magical place to spend a long weekend with your family and friends watching the beautiful sunsets and sunrise.


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The flying dress photoshoot in Cappadocia is another significant aspect of enjoying this city and making beautiful memories.

If you are planning a trip to Cappadocia, don’t miss out on dress photoshoots with the swing cranes with magical photogenic views.

For the shoot, you will be dressed in a Cappadocia dress rental before the photoshoot starts, and it will take place in different beautiful locations such as love valley, hot air balloons, caves and more.

After the photoshoot, the rental flying dress is returned, and you can watch the amazing shots. It is one of the best ideas for getting unique photography in the iconic Cappadocia parts.

Cappadocia Flying Dress Rental and more:

You may be wondering how to get the flying dress for rent. However, several boutiques offer flying dresses for rent.

Cappadocia Photography also provides services of flying dress rental at reasonable rates. In addition, they have above 200 options of different colors, designs, and prints in flying dresses, along with full-body covering options. So, if you are a Hijab girl, don’t worry, as we have covered you.


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Another amazing thing about taking our services is that we have dresses available in different sizes, from extra-small to extra-large fittings. We have several flying dresses for your fittings if you have extra fittings. Now, how much does it cost to rent a flying dress?

The Cappadocia dress rental price range from $60 to 150, and the photography costs $200 and more separately. Well, the price varies depending on the services you take. You will have to pay separately for the photography and rental flying dress.

Depending upon the services, you can also avail of different packages that include dropping you at your destination or hotel.

How to Book a Flying Dress Photoshoot in Cappadocia?

Make sure you make your Cappadocia memorable with a flying dress photo shoot at your favorite places. This is not just an ordinary photo shoot but a lifetime experience and a bundle of joy.

If you are fond of getting some amazing pictures and want to collect lively memories from your trip, this is a must.

We suggest planning your dress, locations, and shoot style early, as it will make the entire shoot hassle-free. To discuss and finalize a shoot, contact Cappadocia Photographer. If you are coming in the peak season and have a tight travel schedule, contact a photographer who can accommodate you.

The Cappadocia Photographer is the best in the town that is professional and experienced in category and event photoshoots.


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They will provide ultimate guidance and advice about the flying dress for sale, Cappadocia photoshoot locations and more. Take their exclusive services to feel like you are in a fairytale and create a life-long memory.

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Where can I take pictures in Cappadocia?

You can take pictures in the love valley, red valley, caves, open-air museums and hot-air balloon sites.

Do you offer flying dresses for Hijab girls?

Yes, we have full-body covering dresses for Hijab girls from Muslim countries.

Do you offer flying dresses for boys?

Yes, we also have a collection of flying dresses for boys.

How much does a photographer cost in Cappadocia?

For a couple’s photoshoot, the photography cost starts from $250 and varies depending on the pictures and videos you need.

How much do you tip in Cappadocia?

Using 10-15% of the total cost makes a good tip. But, of course, if the services inspire you, you can pay more.

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